Waves of Identity: 35 Years of Archiving, 2014

Waves of Identity: 35 Years of Archiving was an exhibition that celebrated MOCA’s 35th anniversary by showcasing artifacts the museum had collected over its history. The exhibition reexamines what it means to be Chinese American, asking the questions, “Where does Chinatown end? How do you become an American? And what does it mean to be Chinese?” It engaged visitors in a dialogue about their own identities and asked them to actively search for answers within the provided archive materials and objects. Objects across special collections in MOCA’s archives came together with documents, videos, and oral histories that embody the complexities of Chinese Americans in New York Chinatown and beyond.

“长江后浪推前浪:美国华人35年典藏”是庆祝美国华人博物馆成立三十五周年举办的展览,展示了博物馆三十五年来收集的各种文物。此展重新审视了成为亚裔美国人的意义,并提出了一系列问题:“华埠的边界在哪里?”、“怎样成为一个美国人?”、和 “做为华人意味着什么?”它邀请访问者进行有关自我身份的对话,并请他们积极地在展览中所提供的档案材料和物品中寻找答案。MOCA档案中特殊馆藏中的物品,连同文件、录像、和口述历史体现了纽约唐人街与其他地区华裔美国人的复杂性。