The Chinatown Film Project, 2007

The Chinatown Film Project was launched by MOCA in 2007. Chinatowns are often seen in many forms of media but are always depicted stereotypically. The project aimed to subvert these popular biases and reveal stories of the families who still thrive in Chinatown. 10 New York-based filmmakers were asked to create short films that presented their visions of Chinatown. The museum also invited the community to share their own stories documenting their local Chinatowns. Together, the films were meant to show that Chinatowns are not just Hollywood metaphors but in reality a place where people live, work, and play.

美国华人博物馆在2007年推出了“唐人街电影项目。”唐人街经常出现在很多形式的媒体作品中,但总是被刻板化地描述。此项目旨在推翻这些普遍的偏见,同时展示在唐人街兴旺发展的家庭的故事。十位纽约地区的电影制片人被请来创作短片,用来展现他们眼中的唐人街。 博物馆也邀请了唐人街社区人员来分享他们的故事,记录他们所在的唐人街。这一系列短片旨在展示唐人街不仅仅是好莱坞的隐喻,而是现实世界中,一个人们生活、工作、和玩耍的地方。