Fan Ngukkei, 2000

Brenda Joy Lem is a third-generation Chinese Canadian. In 1997, she presented a show called Fan Ngukkei, (translated as “returning home”) at the Art Gallery of Mississauga. The show focused on exploring her Toisan ancestry through oral histories with her family and anchored in the physical medium using silkscreen banners. The show caught the eye of curators at MOCA and, in 2000, the show was modified and installed at MOCA. The show at MOCA was more targeted at showing Lem’s interpretations of Toisan culture and how that influenced her art and world views.

林小莺(Brenda Joy Lem)是加拿大第三代华裔。1997年,她在密西沙加美术馆展出了题为“返屋企”(翻译成“回家”的意思)的展览。此展览通过她的家庭口述历史重点探究了她的台山血统,并用丝印横幅装置呈现。这个展览吸引了美国华人博物馆(MOCA)策展人的注意,并在2000年改装在MOCA展出。 MOCA的这个展更多地展现了林小莺对于台山文化的诠释,以及台山文化对于她的艺术和世界观的影响。