Chino-Latino Oral History Project, 1998

Throughout 1997 and the earlier part of 1998, the museum began conducting a series of oral histories with Chinese that immigrated to Latin America. Many of the interviewees would end up living in the United States, and their narratives provided a unique series of experiences that had not previously been explored in depth. Their journeys saw them adapting to two radically different cultures instead of purely trying to assimilate into U.S. culture. In the end, three of their stories were chosen to be exhibited at MOCA in 1998 under the exhibition Mi Familia, Mi Comunidad.

The complete collection of oral histories done for this project can be listened to in our digital database here.

贯穿整个1997年以及1998年年初,美国华人博物馆开始一系列对拉丁美洲华裔的口述历史采访。很多被采访人最终都生活在美国,他们的叙述提供了一系列以前从未深入探讨过的独特经历。他们的经历展示了他们适应两种截然不同的文化,而不是仅仅单纯地试图吸取美国文化。最后,其中三个故事被选中,于1998年在美国华人博物馆的“我的家族,我的社区” 展览中展出。