Made in China: Photographs of American Chinatown, 1994

In 1994, the museum held an exhibition entitled Made in China: Photographs of American Chinatowns by Chien-Chi Chang that featured a series of photographs by Taiwan-born photographer Chien-Chi Chang during the time Chien was an active documentarian of Manhattan’s Chinatown. In this show, he tried to show the daily lives of the residents of these ethnic enclaves living through a sense of alienation from their mother country and their adopted home. He went on to join Magnum Photos and continues to document the abstract concept of alienation.

1994年,博物馆举办了展览“中国制:张乾琦,美国唐人街摄影展”,展出了台湾出生的摄影师张乾琦的一系列照片。拍摄这些照片时,张乾琦是曼哈顿唐人街活跃的纪录片导演。在这个展览中,他试图通过祖国和移民国的疏离感,展示这些民族聚居地居民的日常生活。他之后加入Magnum Photos,并继续记录异化的抽象概念。