Dim Sum & Heart's Desire - Works in Glass and Cloth by Arlan Huang and Debbie Lee, 1993

Dim Sum/Heart’s Desire was a 1993 exhibition at MOCA that featured the works of Arlan Huang and Debbie Lee. Huang’s medium of choice was glass, while Lee worked in cloth. Both artists created pieces that explored the elements of Chinese and American identity. Most notably, Lee worked with a group of other seamstresses to create a quilt that featured nine panels depicting the day of garment factory workers.

“点心/心情”是美国华人博物馆在1993年的展览,特别展出黄卓伦(Arlan Huang)与李石兰(Debbie Lee)的作品。黄卓伦的创作媒体选择是玻璃,李石兰则是布艺。两位艺术家的创作都探索了华人与美国人身份认同的元素。其中最值得一提的是,李石兰与一群裁缝师一起创作了一条被子,上面有九个格子描绘了车衣厂工人的一天。