The Chinese Women of America, 1985

In 1985, author and professor Judy Yung curated the show The Chinese Women of America at the New York Chinatown History Project. Yung was director of the San Francisco-based Chinese Women of America Research Project, which crafted the show after two years of extensive research and oral histories. The show examined the experiences of the first Chinese women that came to the US in 1834 to the women of the 1980s. Notably, the exhibition featured Polly Bemis (born Lalu Nathoy or Gong Heng), a Chinese woman who came to the US in 1872 as a slave and later gained her freedom, living out the rest of her life in Idaho. It also featured Sieh King King, a female activist who spoke about female oppression in San Francisco in 1902.

谭碧芳,一位作家兼教授,1985年在纽约华埠历史研究社策划了”华裔美国女性”展。谭碧芳是旧金山的华裔女性研究项目的主任,该项目经两年的广泛研究与口述访谈,得以策划了这个展览。该展览考察了自1834年第一位抵美的华人女性至1980年代女性的各种经验。值得注意的是,该展特别展出了Polly Bemis(又名Lalu Nathoy或Gong Heng),一位于1872年以奴隶身分来美的华人女性,并于后来获得自由,在爱达荷州度过余生。 该展览还展出了谢婷婷(Sieh King King),一位女性社会活动家,1902年在旧金山发表女性受压迫的演说。