Oral Histories, 1981

During the first year of the New York Chinatown History Project, their priority was to conduct oral histories with members of the neighborhood. Over the course of 1981, the fledgling organization collected 28 oral histories. These included prominent community leaders such as Man Bun Lee (the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association President at the time), William “Charlie” Chin (folk singer), and Emma Mills (founder and former president of the Chinatown Planning Council). These oral histories, which are accessible by visiting the MOCA archives, offer a look into a bygone Chinatown and can serve as valuable firsthand sources for researchers.

在纽约华埠历史研究社的头一年,他们的工作重点是制与附近居民进行口述历史采访。在1981年一整年的时间之中,这个初生的组织搜集了28个口述历史,其中包含著名的社区领导,例如李文彬(当时的中华公所主席)、陈建文(William “Charlie” Chin,民歌歌手)以及Emma Mills(华人策划协会创始人与前任会长)。研究者可访问美国华人博物馆馆藏研究中心调用这些口述历史档案,它们让人一窥昔日唐人街,并为研究人员提供了珍贵的第一手史料。