Law Chen's Films

Law Chen, a director based in Beijing and NYC, has taken to his camera during the time of Covid-19 to produce several shorts (available on Vimeo) documenting the life and stories of Asian Americans during the pandemic. He has shared with MOCA two videos in particular, one titled A Head and a Tail: 886 and the other Delivered. A Head and a Tail: 886 follows the story of a NYC Taiwanese restaurant’s struggle with the pandemic as it finds its path to staying afloat through donating bentos to New York hospitals while dealing with both newfound fame and the risks of delivering to hospitals. Meanwhile, Delivered deals with the experience of delivery workers, many of whom are immigrants, who work a very frontline job. Interviewees speak poignantly about the risks, importance, and invisible struggles of delivery people as they continue to work during the pandemic. Both shorts are excellent pieces which capture realistic, human endeavors during difficult times.