Lynbrook Chinese American Community in San Jose, California

Katie Wang’s contributions started with a simple gesture of kindness, when she gave her elderly neighbors Loreen and John a set of 10 masks. Around the same time, her daughter was acutely ill and gradually recovered under the care and treatment of several doctors. The gratitude Katie received from her neighbors, as well as the meticulous care given to her daughter by doctors, inspired Katie to organize a wider effort for Covid-19 donations through her local high school PTSA (which she is a board member of) and her 98-person hiking group. Along with four other leaders within Katie’s two immediate social circles, Katie was eventually able to raise a fund of $5,276.28 going towards PPE. The supplies will go to local institutions which those within the five-person leadership selected after continual in-depth discussions. Her list of recipients include local hospitals, grocery stores, senior homes, and police stations, and even school cafeterias, providing aid to a wide range of essential workers during a time of crisis.