N95forNYC Relief Fund

The shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the escalation of Covid-19 in New York City was a major concern for everyone in the communities in and around the New York area. As such, director of Fou Gallery Echo He on behalf of the relief fund N95forNYC—a group consisting of New York area professionals consisting of mostly Chinese immigrants—informs MOCA of N95forNYC’s actions to alleviate the pressure on supplies during this emergency. N95forNYC has received donations from a wide network, including many artists and art galleries from both China and the U.S., and used this money to provide equipment (including N95 masks, protective coveralls, face shields, surgical masks, etc.) directly to frontline workers. Within the month of April, the number of items the fund has donated are in the tens of thousands. Such laudatory actions exemplify the strength of the collective. The efforts of N95forNYC got covered by Artnet, Artforum, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ China, and Voice of America.